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World Diabetes Day 2020

Do you know 1 in 10 people in the world are living with diabetes? ðŸ˜Ū

Type-2 diabetes is a largely preventable & treatable non-communicable disease that is rapidly increasing in numbers worldwide and known as a “Silent Killer”.

ðŸ‘đWorld Diabetes Day (WDD) is marked every year on 14 November, the birthday of Sir Fredrick Banting, who co-discovered insulin along with Charles Best in 1922 ðŸĪ—. The theme for WDD 2020 is “Nurse and Diabetes” ðŸĪ“. The blue circle is the universal symbol for diabetes awareness and the logo of World Diabetes Day. It signifies the unity ðŸĪ of the global diabetes community in response to the diabetes epidemic

😊.How to control your diabetes ❓

If you have diabetes or pre-diabetes conditions, you can help to keep your blood glucose level in a safe range by making healthy food choices, tracking your eating habits and being physically active. ðŸŒŧ💊

So make most of your calories come from healthy and nutritious foods. Choose a variety of healthy carbohydrates, fiber-rich foods, fish & good fats. 🍏🍇ðŸĨ‘🍒ðŸĨ­ðŸðŸĨĶ

And if you have diabetes, being active makes your body more sensitive to insulin, which helps manage your diabetes. â›đïļâ€â™€ïļðŸĪšðŸĪū‍♀ïļðŸ‹ðŸū‍♀ïļâ›·ïļðŸŒïļâ€â™‚ïļðŸ„‍♂ïļðŸŠâ€â™€ïļðŸšī‍♂ïļ

Therefore, a well-planned healthy diet with being physically active will help you manage your diabetes. ðŸĪ—

“Today more than 95% of all chronic disease is caused by food choice, toxic food ingredients, and lack of physical exercise” ðŸĨģ – Mike Adams –