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Snapzella Best Photography ? Contest Winners

Here’re the Winning Photo? TRIO of the Snapzella Best Photo Contest ?

?First place – Parami Chandrasiri

?Second place – Ushani Ranasinghe

?Third Place – Anjani Jayasekara

?Please note that the judging panel considered the following criteria in the evaluation of the photographs you submitted for the competition and selected the three best photographs with the highest scores according to;

?Relevance to the theme

?Quality of the photo

?Creativity and innovation and

?Photography skills

Our warmest congratulations ????to all the winners??? and thank you very much to all who joined, cheered?, and followed us throughout the journey of snapzella.❣️?

The first place ?in the best photography category ?of Snapzella goes to the Nil katarolu bread with Nil katarolu milk. ?
Have you heard about the nutritional value of Nil katarolu, which can be found in many home gardens in Sri Lanka??

Nil katarolu is a plant with a very high medicinal value?.
This delectable dish comes as a combination of nil katarolu together with corn?, milk?and eggs ?

adding nutrition and much-needed colour to the everyday diet.??

?It is high in fiber, vitamin B6, iron and phosphorus
? Gluten-free?
?Highly valued as an antioxidant and can help protect you from diabetes?.
So, don’t forget to try this at home?.

Our thanks to Parami Chandrasiri for sharing this? mouthwatering,

nutritious recipe ?with us and all our FB community.?❤
The second place ? in the Best Photo of Snapzella Contest? goes to the Veggie String Hoppers.
Nowadays when artificial flavors and colors are being promoted, this particular veggie string hoppers recipe,

innovatively incorporated natural pigments using “rathu ala” (Reddish potato variety), spinach and
butterfly pea (Nil katarolu), and created a highly inspiring recipe and a very attractive photograph??.

Natural pigments included
?Red – Reddish potato variety (Rathu Ala)
?Green – Spinach
?Blue -Butterfly pea flowers (Nil katorolu mal).

These colorful string hoppers are made from pigments extracted naturally and blended separately with the string hopper mixture.?
The specialty here is that these plant extracts also contain various chemical compounds that are

naturally good and healthy for our body?.

There is also a delicious egg curry ?made with coconut milk?, tomatoes?,

chilies?️, salt, turmeric and onions?, and combined with a delicious pol sambol (coconut sambol) flavored
with karapincha?, and “kochchi” chilies.

We express our heartiest gratitude to Ushani Ranasinghe for this innovative and uniquely captured photograph ? shared with us.❤️?
The third place in the Best Photo of Snapzella Contest goes to Murunga (Drumstick) Soup and
Pinwheel Sandwiches.??

Drumstick is a very healthy and immune-boosting vegetable. Drumstick leaves can be

used to prepare a tasty and healthy soup. ☘️☘️

⭕The ingredients used – Drumstick leaves, raw red rice, pepper, cloves, onions,

ginger, koththamalli, cumin, curry leaves, and coconut oil.

This beverage can make wonders to keep you fit. ??
The pinwheel sandwiches are innovatively prepared using raw ingredients such as

carrot, beetroot, green peas, salad leaves, pepper, mustard and salt in a different style.?

We express our sincerest gratitude to Anjani Jayasekara for this

innovative and uniquely captured photograph shared with us.?❤