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Full Recording – Webinar on “Long And Short Term Dynamics Of The Human Gut Microbiome & Dietary Pattern Networks Associated With Gastric Cancer Risk” by Dr. Thilini Jayasinghe Adikari & Dr. Madhawa Gunathilaka.

Gut health is one of the key component which has great influence on long term health. Since our gut microbiome is a living dynamic environment that fluctuates daily, weekly, and monthly depending on diet, medication, exercise, and many other environmental exposures. Therefore, understanding the microbiome’s broad role in health and the extent of problems that can occur from changes in the diet between the microbiome and it’s host is very important. We brought this interesting topic on a webinar conducted on Sunday 5th December 2021 with more than 140 participants. Thank you everyone who attended and we are grateful for our wonderful speakers Dr. Thilini Jayasinghe Adikari, Research Fellow at the University of Sydney and Dr. Madhawa Gunathilaka, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at South Korea National Research Center to share their thoughts regarding, “Long- and short-term dynamics of the human gut microbiome & dietary pattern networks associated with gastric cancer risk”