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Full recording – Webinar on “Digital Technology in Augmenting Nutrition Education!” by Dr. Siew Sun Wong

Thank you to everyone who attended the “Digital Technology in Augmenting Nutrition Education!” webinar! The NutSoc had a great time sharing the rich experiences and expertise of Dr. Siew Sun Wong on the use of various cutting-edge DigiTech in the field of Nutrition.A very special thank you goes out to our wonderful speaker, Dr. Siew Sun Wong from Oregon State University for her support to help NutSoc and all our undergraduate students in Applied Nutrition by agreeing to conduct this webinar. Our ongoing success relies on the extraordinary support given by great mentors like you! We look forward to having you again for a more exciting and enjoyable webinar series in the future! Wish you good luck! Best wishes from NUTSOC.

If you missed out, don’t worry! You can now access the full webinar recording Below.